Online slot game Full Moon Fortunes game review and paylines

The Full moon is a video slot betting game with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Online slot game full moon fortunes game review and paylines. The theme of the game is werewolves. A number of coins ranges from 20p to $500 at a single spin. It is a common belief that at the full moon night some people convert to werewolves to fulfill their thirst of blood. This theme is getting very popular among video slot games all over the world.

In the full moon fortune, there are wilds, scatters, multipliers and free spins offered. In full moon fortune, the highest paying symbol is the wild which pays 500x the stake, if you get five of them on a single pay line. In this game, there are 20 activated bet lines and the number of lines can not be increased or decreased.

Like any other game, there are a few bonus features in full moon as well. Following mentioned are the bonus features of full moon fortune.

Online slot game Full Moon Fortunes game review and paylines

Online slot game Full Moon Fortunes game review and paylines
Online slot game Full Moon Fortunes game review and paylines


If at reel 5, the symbol of a full moon appears then the Dr. Blackwood will convert into a wild and transform into a hairy monster. In whatever line he would appear, the player would get a multiplier between 2x and 5x.


Getting free spins has always been a great pleasure for the gamblers. In full moon fortune, it could be triggered by catching the gravestone symbols. These symbols award the following

  • 1 spin and 1x multiplier from 3 gravestones.
  • 2 spins and 2x multiplier from 4 gravestones.
  • 3 spins and 3x multiplier from 5 gravestones.

These are the offers presented initially. The player would be taken to a graveyard showing screen, before the free spins start. In the graveyard, each chosen grave will offer more spins and higher multipliers.

When the spins start, Dr. Blackwood becomes wild exactly like the full moon feature. You could even get a 25x multiplier along with an additional Dr. Blackwood.

Full moon fortune online slot playing tips

There are various ways by which this game could be played.  One is going for the free spins and save some money. In this method, you could minimise the fraction of pay lines. The other method is to maximise the number of pay lines and increase the reserved wilds.

Symbols of reels and associated winning payouts

This is a high variance best e-games and therefore you should know that the bonuses mentioned previously work according to that.

On all five reels, there appears a howling wolf symbol. This symbol serves as two types of symbols. The wild symbol standing for every symbol and the jackpot paying out symbol. If you earn five of these on any certain pay line then you will get a 500 coin jackpot.

You should keep in mind that the potential multiplier in full moon fortune is 25x. Therefore if you win a jackpot paying symbol, the jackpot value could turn out to be really huge. For example, if you get a 500 coin jackpot and a 25x multiplier with that, the total amount will now become 12,500 coins.

The ruby brooch symbol appears on all five reels and could win you some huge amount of cash. If you get a complete line of five of these, you will get 300 coins.

Full moon fortune is a werewolves themed video slot machine. It is excellent for the Halloween lovers. The benefit is that you can play it even before Halloween at 31st October in a dark room, getting the similar sense of Halloween. You just need to know some main things about the game and you could easily win it.

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