Play Good Girl Bad Girl in Betsoft Slot

If you ask online slot players about what slot game is the best and the most exciting, the answer will be Good Girl and Bad Girl from Betsoft. Why? There are so many reasons to answer that question and here several reasons why you should play Good Girl Bad Girl in Betsoft slot.

Play Good Girl Bad Girl in Betsoft Slot

  • Amazing Graphics

First of all, BETSOFT slot games never fail to deliver with the best graphics. Good Girl Bad Girl is included in this case. In fact, the design itself is very neat. Not only graphics – the background music, animation, and sound effect are also unbeatable. Also, compared to most slot games, there are two characters on each side of the slot to show the ‘good versus bad’ concept.

Play Good Girl Bad Girl in Betsoft Slot
Play Good Girl Bad Girl in Betsoft Slot
  • Choose Your Side

As it has been mentioned above, Good Girl Bad Girl take ‘good versus bad’ concept for the main theme. Interestingly, it doesn’t only work as a theme alone. The concept also delves deeper into the gameplay. Instead of blinding playing and enjoying graphics, players are allowed to pick their sides. The first one is the ‘good’ side (with a blue heart symbol) where bettors can play safe with a smaller payout. The second one is the ‘bad’ side (with a red heart symbol) in which players are given riskier games in turn of big payouts. Lastly, there’s the combination play (with an inverted heart symbol) where the game style combines.

  • Lots of Bonus Symbols

There are several bonuses that this game offered. One is multiplier with halo and pitchfork symbols. The halo will multiply once to twice, while the fork will multiply once to four times. Since there are different sides to play, there will be many variations of the bonuses. For example, for the click me bonus, there will be boxes appeared when halo and pitchfork symbol appeared side by side. Depending on the side you are playing, the ‘safe’ and ‘risky’ box will be highlighted. The other example is the scatter wheel. If three or more wheel symbols appeared on the slot, you will be brought to a spinning wheel around. On the good side, you will be given safe wheel with small jackpots. Meanwhile, in bad side, there will be higher jackpots but along with two zeros on the wheel. Players who play combination sides can choose a side before doing bonus rounds.

  • High Payouts

Depending on how you play it, Good Girl Bad Girl can give you a decent sum of cash. The greatest payout predicted it 20.000 in cash. However, to get it, you must bet with 150 coins while getting five wilds in a row to get four multipliers. Don’t worry, though. The bonus rounds come pretty often and they are profitable. If you happen to play combination, bet on both sides for maximum results.

Fantastic, right? Those answer should trigger you to play Good Girl Bad Girl in Betsoft slot immediately. So, what are you waiting for? Get your money ready, open, and start to play this game, and win many big jackpots from this amazing game.

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